Technology is playing an increasingly important role in Bhutan’s development, with the Bhutanese government investing in initiatives aimed at promoting technology adoption and improving access to digital services. In recent years, Bhutan has made significant progress in expanding access to the internet and mobile phones, with mobile phone coverage now reaching over 90% of the population.

The Bhutanese government has been working to support the development of the technology sector, including by investing in technology infrastructure, providing training and resources to entrepreneurs and tech startups, and promoting innovation. Bhutan is also working to leverage technology to improve the delivery of public services, such as healthcare, education, and financial services, and to promote economic growth and development.

Despite the progress made in recent years, Bhutan still faces challenges in terms of technology adoption and access, particularly in rural areas. The government continues to invest in initiatives aimed at improving technology infrastructure and access, and promoting the development of the tech sector.

Overall, technology is playing an important role in Bhutan’s development, and the government is committed to supporting the sector and promoting technology adoption in the country.

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