Code Monkey popular among Bhutanese Kids

Code Monkey popular among Bhutanese Kids

In August 2021, Bhutanese students received a game-based coding platform called CodeMonkey as a Royal Soelra from His Majesty the King. The objective was to enhance their coding skills and equip them with 21st Century knowledge and skills. Following this, the Ministry of Education organized a Training of Trainers program on CodeMonkey in January 2022. The training was attended by 47 participants from 20 Dzongkhags and 4 Thromdes, with the primary goal of building teachers’ capacity in terms of ICT and specifically, in using CodeMonkey. This initiative aims to empower Bhutanese youth with digital literacy and equip them for the future workforce, contributing to the country’s development.

Code Monkey is a fun and educational programming game designed for kids. The game introduces kids to coding concepts, such as loops, functions, and conditionals, in a simple and engaging way. It allows kids to learn coding through interactive gameplay, where they control a monkey character by writing lines of code to solve puzzles. The game is easy to use and doesn’t require any previous coding knowledge. Code Monkey helps kids to develop problem-solving skills, logical thinking, and creativity while having fun. The game is suitable for children aged 8 and up and is an excellent way to introduce them to the exciting world of programming.

The platform is being initiated by RSSTEM (Royal Society for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics), DITT (Department of Information Technology & Telecom ), MoE (Ministry of Education) and REC (Royal Education Council) to promote coding education in preparation of Bhutanese youth for the digitalized future.

Poster of Code Monkey by Rukubji Primary School