Beers of Bhutan

Beers of Bhutan

There are various brands of beer available in Bhutan, it is widely consumed by local people. Beer is used in every occation, festivals, rituals, gathering, celebrations, tourism and so on. The Revenue of beer segment in the year 2022 is almost USD $15 Million and it expected to grow annually at the rate of 8%.

Despite domestic consumption the beer is also exported in good volume to India and the international market. In 2020 Bhutan exported more than USD 1 Million worth of beer making 10th most exported product of Bhutan and taking the place of 98th largest beer exporter of world.

The Top 5 Breweries (Beer Companies) and their Products in Bhutan

1. Bhutan Brewery Pvt. Ltd

  1. Druk 1100
  2. Druk Lage
  3. Druk Supreme

2. Kinjore Brewery Pvt. Ltd

  1. Chabchhu
  2. Thunder 15000
  3. Dragon Frost

3. Namgay Artisanal Brewery

  1. Red Rice Beer
  2. Wheat Beer
  3. Dark Ale Beer

4. Serbhum Brewery

  1. Dragon Stout
  2. Bhutan Glory

5. Bumthang Brewery, Ltd.

  1. Red Panda