Online Business in Bhutan to obtain Ecommerce License

Online Business in Bhutan to obtain Ecommerce License

Royal Government of Bhutan have Issued a circular through Department of Trade, Ministry of Economic Affair. The Circular states

“It is learnt that certain individuals and entities are engaging in online business without obtaining e-commerce license. This is in contravention to Rule 1 of the Rules and Regulations for Establishment and Operation of Industrial and Commercial Ventures in Bhutan, 1995, Clause 2.1 of the General Guidelines for Industrial and Commercial Ventures In Bhutan, 1997 and e-commerce guidelines, 2019.

The Department would like to inform all concerned individuals/entities to kindly obtain e-commerce license from the nearest Regional Office of Economic Affairs. Failure to comply with this notification shall be liable for applicable fines and penalties as prescribed in the above rules and regulations.

Issued for strict compliance.”